Diversity and Inclusion

One of the core values at Irishluck is our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe inclusion is a feeling of belonging, and we always foster that. Learn more about Irishluck's diversity and inclusion policy below.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Irishluck's Mission Statement

We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome, included, respected, and empowered. Irishluck celebrates unique perspectives, backgrounds, and identities. We encourage anyone, irrespective of where they're from, their background, to share their perspectives with us and/or join our team. Diversity helps strengthen our company culture and makes room for innovation and creativity. Irishluck has policies in place to create equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Together, we aim to build a strong community of online casino enthusiasts that welcomes everyone with open arms.

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At Irishluck, diversity is our strength, and inclusion is our promise.

Regulations Governing Diversity and Inclusion in Ireland

Ireland has several regulations in place that help ensure diversity and inclusion are practised. Let's take a look at what these regulations are and how Irishluck follows these regulations:

Employment Equality Acts

These acts aim to promote equality, ban victimisation, ensure that offices and other facilities provide adequate facilities for people with disabilities, and take positive action to uphold these standards, amongst others. Employers, under no circumstances, can discriminate against prospective employees. Irishluck prohibits discrimination against anyone, be it direct or indirect. Everyone is treated equally and fairly in our offices.

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Equal Status Acts

This act prohibits discrimination when providing goods, accommodation, services, and education. This covers situations like treating someone unfairly because of who they're associated with, sexual harassment, bullying, and unfair treatment after reporting an issue.

We ensure fairness and equality for all. We have strict policies in place to prevent discrimination, and our staff is trained to spot discrimination and handle such cases. We also give our full support to all individuals and their needs.

Disability Act

Under this act, people with disabilities in all aspects of life are to be included and not discriminated against. Thanks to the Disability Act, individuals can submit a report if they feel a facility would not provide the required services. It also allows for improved accessibility to public buildings and services for individuals with disabilities.

Irishluck ensures everyone, including people with disabilities, can access our website easily. We have several accessibility features in place, and our team is always working on improving them and our readers' overall gaming experience.

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Code of Practice on Diversity and Inclusion in Employment

This code provides a guideline for employers to promote diversity in their workplace. This code was issued by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, and it entails several areas of employment, such as the recruiting process, training, employee development and career progression. Furthermore, this code also includes the right to request flexible and remote working.

Irishluck follows the Code of Practice on Diversity and Inclusion in Employment to ensure fairness for all employees. Regarding our recruitment process, everyone is considered, and discrimination is strictly prohibited. We strive to create an environment where everyone's unique perspectives and talents are valued.

At Irishluck, we strive always to embody the values of diversity and inclusion in our daily activities and day-to-day operations.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters

Everyone matters. Each individual brings their own opinions, expertise, voice, and perspective. We believe everyone can learn from everyone, so why should we not encourage that? Irishluck welcomes people from all walks of life. When everyone feels included, respected, and heard, it makes our team happier and more effective. So, we're committed to making sure everyone feels like they belong at Irishluck from day one.

Diversity is in our DNA

Looking Into The Future

Our work doesn't stop here. Irishluck is always seeking to improve and grow as a brand. Take a look at our future goals for enhancing diversity and inclusion:

  1. Delivering positive impact: Through our work and mission for diversity, we strive to create a positive impact in our industry. How is this done, you may ask? Irishluck heavily focuses on responsible gambling because this creates a safe gaming environment for all players. Furthermore, fair gaming is a cornerstone of our value. This is because fair gaming ensures transparency and fairness, creating trust between us, our readers, and our partners. Regulatory compliance is another important aspect of how we deliver a positive impact. By strictly adhering to the relevant regulations, our readers and partners can rest assured that Irishluck is safe and there's no room for discrimination whatsoever.

  2. Make our website more accessible: We believe there's always room for improvement. We want to make sure that our website is easily accessible to everyone, and there are several ways to do that. Irishluck is always looking for ways to improve our accessibility for everyone.

  3. Gender Empowerment: Anyone is welcome to join Irishluck, regardless of gender. We want to encourage anyone to join our team. No one will be discriminated against.

  4. Establishing partnerships with organisations that support diversity and inclusion: Irishluck is always looking to grow its partnerships. We always strive to collaborate with operators and organisations that support our goals. As a result, we are open to working with anyone that prioritises diversity and inclusion.

Careers at Irishluck

Do you want to become part of the Irishluck team? Check out our careers page for the latest openings and more information on how to apply.

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