Press Kit and Media Information Center

Our dedicated Media center has all the information regarding press and media. If you're a reporter or you work in media and would like to work with Irishluck, this page has all the information you require.

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Get To Know Who We Are

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Safety and Responsible Gambling

Players safety is our utmost priority. We have a rigid rating guidelines process to ensure that any casino and sportsbook we list and review is safe and legitimate.

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Trust and Reliability

You can trust Irishluck. We prioritise transparency, unbiased information, and integrity in everything we do. Our commitment to fair play, responsible gaming, and prompt customer support ensures that our players can confidently place their trust in us.

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The Irishluck Experience

You can expect a stellar gaming experience with latest games in free play and casinos with the latest games available for Irish players.

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Learn More About Us and What We Stand For

Do you want to delve deeper into who we are and what is our mission at Irishluck? Our About Us page explains everything in great detail, including a company overview, awards we won, and more.

About Us

Brand Resources

Irishluck has two logos: light and dark. You can find both versions below.

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Permitted Uses of Irishluck's Brand Resources

Irishluck's brand resources can be used as long as they adhere to the guidelines below.

Who can make use of Irishluck's brand resources?

  • Media outlets

  • Journalists

  • Reviews

  • Partners

  • Affiliates

For what purposes can the brand resources be used?

  • News articles

  • Blog posts

  • Reviews

Non-commercial and commercial uses

Our brand resources can be used for non-commercial and commercial uses. If you want to use our logo for commercial use, a link to our website must be clearly shown. Following the rules helps keep our brand's identity consistent and builds trust with everyone who uses our materials.

Prohibited Uses

While we always try to be flexible, we also have an obligation to uphold the integrity and reputation of our brand. As a result, the following uses of Irishluck's brand resources are strictly prohibited.

  • Altering our logo or other designs

  • Selling or sublicensing without permission

  • Using the resources for misleading purposes

  • Associating the brand with illegal or unethical practices

All uses of our brand resources must have a link to our website. Irishluck reserves the right to request anyone to stop or remove our assets should we feel the use is inappropriate or harmful to our reputation. By using our assets, you agree and acknowledge that you must abide by these guidelines.

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Irishluck has been featured on top media outlets throughout the years. Check out our media partners below:

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Contact Irishluck

You have the questions, and we have the answers. Our friendly staff members are ready to be of assistance. Should you wish to get in touch with us or inquire about a press feature, do not hesitate to reach out.


For press inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via email at We welcome all media inquiries and look forward to assisting you with any information or materials you may need for your coverage. Our dedicated press team is committed to providing timely and accurate responses to all press-related inquiries.
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Our Press Office Policy

The main objective behind our press team is to address any enquiries about our work, accomplishments, and expertise. Our dedicated press team is your initial point of contact for anything press-related. The rest of the team can provide comments and their point of view on your questions, but the press team would be able to guide you and help you.

Irishluck Press Process

After sending your email, our team does the following:

  1. Assesses and coordinates your inquiry: The press office assesses and delegates your inquiry to the relevant staff to get information and insights, and it takes its urgency into consideration.

  2. We prepare to respond: The press office prepares a response, making sure it's accurate and also provides documentation (if required)

  3. The response is sent: Once everything is fact-checked, you can expect a response in your inbox from our press office.

  4. Follow-up: Should you require any further information, our press office will handle everything.

  5. Feedback and room for improvement: We are continuously seeking to improve our services. Any feedback given from our stakeholders is greatly appreciated, and it is always taken into consideration.

When Can I Expect a Reply Back?

Depending on the urgency of the request, press-related matters take between 2 and 4 business days. Some might take longer, depending on the information required. However, we always try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. We ask that you highlight the urgency of your request so we can handle it appropriately.

Key Irishluck Editorial Staff Members

Cameron Murphy, Dermot Heathcote, and Siobhan Aslett are our key editorial staff members, and they have decades of combined experience. All matters related to their expertise, will be directed to them from Irishluck's press office.

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Cameron Murphy

Cameron is our online casino veteran and founder of Irishluck. He has been around since 2016 so he knows a thing or two about Irish online casinos. Cameron has also done multiple interviews and even published his own work.

Cameron's official website
author image for siobhan aslett irishluck's sportsbetting expert and writer

Siobhan Aslett

Siobhan is our in-house sportsbook expert. If you are looking for sportsbook-related media information, Siobhan will provide the answers.

Siobhan's official website
profile picture for dermot heathcote irishluck's casino expert

Dermot Heathcote

Dermot has extensive knowledge on Irish online casinos, specifically casino reviews, games, and payment methods. Do you have questions related to these? Dermot is the guy for you.

Dermot's official website
irishluck head of content

Rebecca Mackay

Rebecca is Irishluck's head of content and is in charge of fact-checking and proof reading all the pieces of content we publish on our site. She gained Poynter's ACES Introductory Certification in Editing and Fact-checking Fundamentals with IFCN ad has years of experience in content writing and fact-checking.

Rebecca's Author Page
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