Online Gambling Terms & Glossary

We have curated a list of common online gambling terms. Learning all of the online casino jargon can be overwhelming, but our list contains everything you need to know.

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A type of bet that involves multiple selections on a single bet, typically four or more selections.


An acronym for automatic card shuffler.


A term used to describe the total amount of money in the pot.

Active Payline

The term used to describe a line on a slot machine that is used to determine the winning combinations for a particular spin. 

Advantage Player

Players that can obtain an advantage over the house through things like card counting or dice control.

Against the Spread

Betting on the underdog in a sportsbet.

Aggregate Limit

The amount that each hand pays the winner at the end of a round.

All In

An action wherein the player stakes all their remaining chips on a single hand they believe would win them the round or game.

All or Nothing

A bingo ticket that will pay out the players if the draw either features all of their selected numbers or none of their selected numbers.


The minimum set bet that all players are required to place before the start of each hand. 



Also known as Punto Banco, Baccarat is a card game in which players bet on whether the dealer or the player has the winning hand.

Bad Beat

When you lose a bet despite the odds being heavily in your favor.


A term that refers to the total amount of money a player has in their account.


The player that bets against all the other persons at the table.


A term used to describe the total amount of money that the player has set aside for betting or gambling purposes.

Barred Player

A gambler who is prohibited from playing at the casino.


A player that tried to conceal another player's identity.


A dispute between the casino and the player or between two players.

Beginner's Luck

A phenomenon that is often cited in the world of gambling wherein beginner players win against all odds despite having little to no knowledge of the game.


A wager of money on the outcome of an event or a game.

Betting Limit

The maximum and minimum amounts of money that players can stake in a single game.


A game where the player wins if they are the first person to match a row, column, or any other agreed upon combination on a bingo card.


A popular casino card game in which players compete against the dealer to get a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without going over. 


The required bets that players have to make in a poker game.

Blind Bet

A bet that is placed when the person doesn't know what card is coming next, typically used and heard in poker circles.


A bet or raise that is made with a weak hand in an attempt to trick other players into thinking that the bettor has a stronger hand. 


A term used to describe the shared cards that are dealth face up in a game of poker.


An extra payment, prize, or other reward given to the player in addition to their regular earnings.

Bonus Round

A bonus round is a special round in a game or competition that awards additional points or prizes to the participating players.


The person or a company in charge of accepting and documenting bets on sporting events.

Break Even Point

A situation where the gambler has recouped their losses after placing a bet but is still yet to profit.

Breaking the Bank

A phrase that can describe when a player wins a large sum of money or incurs great losses in a game.

Brick-and-Mortar Casino

 A term used to describe a casino that has a physical address where players can go and play.


A three-card poker variation.  


A wildcard in poker used solely for creating flushes or finishing a straight.


A card that you take out "burn" after a shuffle and discard before the dealer deals a new round of cards.

Buy Points

Paying more in a bet so that you can receive more points in your favor.


Refers to the amount of money in chips that the players need to enter a specific poker game.



The place where casinos store large sums of cash.


The action in a game of poker that players take when matching the current bet on the table.


Hiding your hand, playstyle, or identity when at a poker game.


Adding chips from your bet after the outcome has been decided which is a form of cheating.

Card Counting

A term used to describe when a player keeps track of all the cards that have been dealt in the game so far.

Card Sharp

A player who is good at a card game or has great knowledge of playing.

Card Stripping

Shuffling in a way that reverses the order of the cards in a deck.

Carribean Stud Poker

A five-card poker variation.


A periodical refund awarded and credited to a player's account. Cashbacks can be based on many things but are usually based on a percentage of the player's gaming losses.


When a player withdraws the money they won in games from their account.

Chat Room

A private digital "room" where players can send private messages to each other in real-time while the game is ongoing.


If you aren't required to bet in a game of poker, a check is an action you can take to pass on betting.

Chip Tray

A tray used for holding chips at a poker table.


In physical casinos, these are colored round disks that have a specific monetary value and are used instead of actual money. They can be bought and exchanged at the casino.

Coat Tail

Betting on the same number that the winning player chooses.


A type of currency you can use in certain online casinos.


When a player goes on a losing streak.

Cold Call

After a bet is placed and someone raises, this is the action taken to call the bet by the next player.

Cold Streak

A term used to describe a period of time where a player is experiencing a series of losses.

Cold Table

A term used to refer to a table where those playing frequently lose.

Collapsing Reels

A bonus feature for certain slots that you can trigger by obtaining certain winning combinations. The feature allows you to potentially get multiple winning combos in succession.

Color Up

Changing smaller chips with lesser value for larger chips with more value.

Community Cards

The cards in a poker game that all the players can use to build a solid hand.

Comp Hustling

Playing certain games or using different tactics in hopes of getting as many comps as posisble to help recoup the losses incurred from playing.

Comp Points

Points you earn based on playing activity that you can exchange for bonuses or prizes.

Continous Shuffling Machine

A machine that continously shuffles cards to make it harder to count cards during the game.


When community cards form a better hand that causes the current hand to become less valuable.


Winning by beating the pointspread with a set number of points in sportsbetting.

Cracking the Nut

A term for when players don't just break even but make a profit through their playing.


A very popular online casino and dice game.


Bending or making a small defect on a card while it's face down so you can more easily recognize it when in play.


The dealers that talk about non-game related topics while playing.


Another term used for the dealer or the casino employee in charge of dealing cards.

Cut Card

A blank card typically made of plastic used to divide or cut a deck of cards.


D'Alembert System

A strategy based on the idea that you double your bet after each loss with the hopes of "making up" your losses.


The act of distributing cards during a game.


The employee in the casino responsible for handing out cards to every player. In online casinos, the dealer can be a live dealer or it can sometimes be a computer.


The cards that are used in any type of card game.

Deck Penetration

The amount of cards that a dealer cuts off in relation to the cards they cut out.

Degenerate Gambler

Another term for an excessive gambler.


The act of adding money to your online casino profile, which can then be used to gamble with.

Deposit Bonus

A bonus you may receive by depositing money into your casino account.


A word used to describe the number two.


A bet that is worth €1,000.

Dirty Money

The losing bets and cash that dealers collect at the end of the game.

Discard Tray

Where you stack or place cards that are out of play.


A sportsbetting term to describe the underdog, or the team or player that an oddsmaker deems most likely to lose the game.


When a player has a hand that beats another player's hand because it had a stronger combination.

Double Down

A move in blackjack where the player doubles their original bet in exchange for the opportunity to receive an additional card.

Double or Nothing

A betting style where the gambler bets double the money they just lost with the hope of breaking even.

Down to the Felt

Players who have gone completely broke.

Download Casino

A type of online casino wherein you have to download software to play the casino's games.


In poker, a draw refers to an event where two or more players have the same hand. In such cases, the pot is split between them.

Draw Poker

A variation of poker where players are allowed to discard cards and replace them with other cards from the deck.


Dropping your hand by surrendering to keep half of the amount you staked.


Another word for "Ragged"



A term used to describe when a player has an advantage over another player.

Eighty Six

A slang term for being banned from the casino.

En Plain

Single-number betting on roulette games.


An online security measure used to ensure the safety and privacy of financial transactions and player information.

End of the Day Betting Effect

Describes the behaviour of a player after the end of a day or session of playing casino games.


The amount of money in the pot that a player is expected to win based on the likelihood of them having the winning hand.

Even Money

A bet with 1:1 payout odds, meaning that you are awarded the same money that you stake if you win.

Expanding Wilds

Special symbols that can be substituted for other symbols on the reels to help form winning combinations.

Expected Raise

The amount of money players are expected to raise.

Expected Value

A term used to describe the average outcome of a certain event.


Face Card

Any card in a deck that has a face such as the jack, queen, and king. Face cards can be of any suit, as long as they have a face on them.

Face Down Card

A card wherein the front of the card is facing towards the table and cannot be seen by other players.

Face Up Card

A card wherein the front is facing up, meaning that every player on the table can see the card.


A device used in American Roulette to group chips by color.

Final Four

Refers to the last four teams left remaining in the NCAA Basketball tournament.


A term in Craps where the player bets a very large wager.


Continously betting large sums of money.

First Half Bet

A bet that is placed on the outcome of the first half of a sports game.


A beginner or novice gambler who regularly loses money.

Flat Betting

The act of consistently betting the same amount each round or game.

Flat Call

A situation in poker where the player calls a bet rather than raising.


The most irritating or annoying player at a casino table.


The initial three commuinity cards dealt face up in a game of poker.


A hand that comprises of five different cards of the same suit.


An action wherein a player with a poor hand decides to cut their participation in the round short.


Chips that come from another casino.

Free Card

A poker round wherein all players check, meaning that the dealer deals the next card and the players get to see it without having to place a bet.

Free Space

The center square of a Bingo card that has no number in it. This is used to complete a combination similar to how a wild card is used in card games.

Free Spins

A slots feature that allows players to win without putting any of their money on the line.


A word used to describe poker tournaments that don't have entry fees.


An abbreviation for the term, "For the Win".

Full House

A hand comprised of a pair of cards with a trio of cards of another rank.

Full Ring

A poker game that has the maximum number of players, which is usually 9 or 10.

Full Time Bet

A bet that is placed on the final, full-time outcome of a sports game.

Future Bet

A type of bet on the outcome of an event in the future, such as the winner of a sports championship or league.


Gambler's Conceit

The false belief that a gambler will be able to stop risky and unhealthy behaviour while actively participating in it.

Gambler's Fallacy

The belief that the outcome of random events are influenced by the previous outcome. Believing that you will get a black spin on a roulette wheel solely because the previous 10 spins have been red.

Gambler's Ruin

A strategy that can bankrupt a gambler or player.

Garbage Hand

A very low-value hand that a player has been dealt, which has a very low chance of winning.


A term dealers use to describe people that tip well.


Short for "good game".

Grand Salami

The total combined score of goals for all the hockey games scheduled on a certain day.


A term used to refer to greasing a player's hand or palm with money to smoothen out shady deals or activities.


Playing a large number of low-stakes poker games on a regular basis to earn a steady profit. Players who grind poker games are typically called grinders.

Gross Winnings

The amount of money won minus the wager.



The combination of cards the player has been given and must use to try and win the round or game.


Extra points given to the team that's deemed less likely to win to even out the odds against the team favored to win.


The person in charge of determining the point spread.

Heads Up

A term in blackjack used to describe a game where there is only one player on the table.

High Roller

A player who frequently bets large amounts of money at a casino or a betting establishment.


A term used to describe the position on the table that is between the button and the cutoff.


A term used to describe the act of a player asking for an additional card.

Holding Your Own

When you neither win or lose money on your bets.

Hole Cards

Another term to describe pocket cards, the two face-down cards a player or dealer is dealt at the beginning of each round.

Honeymoon Period

The winning streak that many beginners experience when they first start playing at a casino.

Hot Streak

A term used to describe the period of time in which a person experiences a high level of success or immense luck.

Hot Table

A table where the player wins consecutive games or rounds.


Another term to describe the casino or the company that is hosting all casino games.

House Edge

The chances of the house or casino winning money based on the ratio of expected player loss to the initial betting amount.

House Rules

The set of guidelines, laws, and regulations set by the casino that all players must abide.


Inside Bet

A bet that the player has placed on a specific number on a roulette wheel.

Instant Casino

A type of online casino players can access and play casino games without having to download any software.

Instant Win Games

Casino games that allow the player to win immediately. One such example are slots.

Insurance Bet

A side bet that the player can make for if the dealer will hit blackjack before drawing the ace.




The grand prize of a contest or a game such as a lottery that keeps accumulating until it is won.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a variation of video poker where players need to get at least a pair of jacks to win.


An extra card or cards in the deck typically used as a wild card. The joker is usally the 53rd and 54th cards in a deck.


A term used to describe the commission that a bookie earns.


When you spend a lot of time in a local casino, you may win free trips that are known as junkets.



An additional card in a player's hand that's not part of any particular combination and is used as a tiebreaker.



The employee that oversees Bacarrat games in a physical casino.

Lay the Odds

When a player wins a smaller amount than what they originally bet in the game.


The place on a gaming tables surface where you can lay your bets.


The restrictions placed on the amount of money players can stake, bet, or raise in a game.

Live Dealer

A live dealer refers to a real human that facilates and deals an online casino game.

Live Dealer Games

A set of games in an online casino wherein the dealer is a real human being that the players can see and interact with in real-time via a live feed.


The page on an online casino, similar to a hub, where you can view all the different games available and information about them.

Locals Casino

A term for casinos that serve locals as opposed to tourists.

Low Poker

A poker variation.

Loyalty Program

A special offer that is given to online casino players where they receive specific benefits and bonuses for staying loyal to a single casino.



Short-term and interest-free credit lines that casinos offer to players that they can use to bet on different games.


A strategy where you double up after losing a bet.

Maximum Bet

The upper limit of how much a person can bet or stake in a single game.

Minimum Bet

The lower limit of how much a person can bet or stake in a single game.

Mobile Slots

Online casino slots that you can play on your mobile phone.


The opposite of betting on a pointspread, so you bet on the ultimate winner of the game.


Throwing your cards into the middle of the table, known as the muck pile.

Multi-hand Game

Games that play multiple hands of cards at the same time, this can be as little as three hands or as many as 100 hands.

Multi-player Game

Games that include more than one player.


A mechanic/feature that can multiply the gambler's winnings.


A short for the "Most Valuable Guest".



A hand that is naturally unbeatable, in blackjack this is a 21 and in baccarat, it's a 9 or 8.

Net Winnings

The pure profit that a player makes from gambling.

No-Deposit Bonus

A type of bonus where you don't need to deposit any of your money to obtain the bonus.

Non-sticky Bonus

Types of rewards that don't require you to put a specific bet or wager.


The best hand you can possibly have in a gamer of poker.



A term used to describe the probability of an event taking place during a sporting or other competitive event.


A term used to describe the first bet that a player makes in a poker game.

Opening Line

The initial betting odds offer for a sports bet.

Optimal Strategy

The ideal or correct way to play a game.


A situation where the total prize pool is bigger than the sum of the buy-ins from all the participating players.



Another term used for a face card.


A hand that consists of two cards of the same rank, along with three other random cards.


The tool used by the dealer in a game of Baccarat.


The betting system used in a roulette game.


An action wherein a player forfeits any actions in a round or hand, allowing play to proceed.


A term used to describe the line of symbols on a reel that pays out in the event of a winning combination.


The money a gambler receives after winning a game.


The total amount of money that a player is set to be paid out after winning a bet, contest, or game.

Payout Table

A visual representation of the amount of money you can win for different paylines.

Phantom Bonus

A type of bonus that can be used to gamble with but cannot be withdrawn as cash.


A term used to describe an ignorant casino player.

Pit Boss

An employee in charge of overseeing a specific pit in the casino.

Play Bonus

A bonus that you can win for playing games at online casinos.

Play for Fun

Types of games in a casino where no real money is put on the line.


A slang for an unskilled gambler.

Pocket Cards

A term used to describe the facedown cards that a dealer or a player gets.


The favorite's margin of victory set by a sportsbook in sports betting.


A card game that consists of several betting rounds and the game's winner is determined by a specific hierarchy of card combinations.


The total amount of chips that are taken from the bets, blinds, and antes in a game that accumulates after every round. By the end of the game, the winner receives the total amount in the pot as a prize.

Pot Committed

Used to describe the situation wherein it won't make sense to fold in a poker game because of how much you already placed as a bet.


Staking or betting larger amounts compared to your usual amounts.

Progression Betting

A betting style where you increase the money you bet after a win or a loss

Progressive Jackpot

This type of jackpot continually increases in size up until someone wins the jackpot.

Proposition Bet

Certain odds that a sportsbook offers that are based on the likelihood of specific events to happen during a game.

Provably Fair

An algorithm to determine the fairness of online casino games.


A term from blackjack used to refer to the situation where neither the player nor the house wins or loses.



Any combiantion with the number four.



A casino you can find in a horse racing track.


A tray that is used for carrying chips, tokens, or coins.


Someone who observes a gambler, possibly with the intention of stealing their chips.


A bet that is made by a player who has already called a previous bet made by another player. 


The fee that you pay physical casinos for playing.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

An algorithm or set of complex mathematical instructions that ensure the fairest and an unbiased outcome in casino games.

Rapid Roulette

A faster variation of the traditional roulette.


The way a casino system values a person's skill and playing ability.


The act when a gambler cashes out chips from a cash game table then rebuying with a smaller amount of chips.

Reload Bonus

A bonus that players get in the form of monetary incetives for making subsequent deposits.

Reward Scheme

An arrangement that provides rewards and bonuses to players if they meet certain requirements or criteria set out by the house.


The complementary rewards that VIPs receive in casinos.


Also known as fifth street, this is another name for the last community card in a poker round.

Royal Flush

A hand where you have a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace all in the same suit. It's one of the strongest hands in poker.



A term used to refer to the overall quality of a casino.

Sawdust Joint

A casino without ostentatious decoration.


A gambler who oversells their skills.


The time a person spends playing casino games.


A card player who is an expert.


A casino player who pretends to be a winning in order to encourage others to play at the casino.


A small mirror device used to reveal unexposed cards.


A device used in casinos to hold multiple decks of playing cards.


The act of the dealer mixing up the cards before dealing them to players.

Shuffle Tracking

A card counting technique.


The board containing the bingo numbers.

Side Bet

A bet made on the occurence or non-occurence of an event in the game that doesn't necessarily affect the game's final outcome.

Sign-up Bonus

A special offer from the casino rewarded to players when they first sign up for the casino. This could be extra chips, extra spins, or access to certain mini-games.

Silver Mining

Looking for unattended coins by walking to different slot machines.

Sixth Street

The fourth betting stage in a game of poker.


Slang for €1.


A bet that was left on the table game and wasn't removed, which then becomes a wager on the next succeeding game.

Slot Club Card Member

Like a loyalty club, but specifically crafted for slot machine players.

Soft Count

Counting the money in a casino that was used in the slot machine.

Soft Count Room

The location where casino employees perform the soft count.


A word used to describe a winning streak.


A person standing behind the dealer to peek at the cards.

Sticky Bonus

A type of cash bonus that players cannot withdraw. Instead, a sticky bonus is intended to top up a person's balance, allowing them to bet more on certain games.

Sticky Stacked Wilds

Another term for bonus features on online slot games.

Sticky Wilds

A feature available in certain video slot titles and slot machine games.


A term used to describe players that don't tip.


A hand that has five cards of consecutive rank. 

Straight Flush

A hand that consists of five cards of consecutive rank, all of the same suit. 

Streak Betting

Another term for progressive betting.

String Bet

An illegal type of bet in live poker.


A type of bet in certain roulette games and blackjack variations.


Table Hold

The total profit a gambling table makes a period of eight hours.

Table Limit

The betting limit at a table in a casino.

Taking the Odds

This is when a person takes a bet wherein they will win a smaller amount than they originally bet.

Taking the Points

Another term for betting on the underdog.

Tap Out

A term used to describe a player who has reached their bankroll limit or budget and can no longer play.


A term used to describe subtle quirks or signs players or dealers exhibit.

Third Street

The first betting round in seven stud poker.

Three of a Kind

A hand that consists of three cards of the same rank, along with two unrelated side cards.

Time Cut

The casino charge for playing in poker rooms.


A term for the tips that you give to the dealer.

Total Bets

A type of sports bet where you try to predict the total amount of points scored by both teams in a game.


Events or competitions for certain casino games that are either in-person or done online.


Another term used for a three of a kind.


A box used for tipping dealers during games.

True Odds

The actual odds of a bet based on probability.


A poker tournament where you increase the blinds faster than normal.


The fourth community card dealt in a poker game.


A centuries-old gambling game.

Two Pairs

A hand where you have two different sets of identical ranks.



When a player plays their very strong hand slowly at the beginning of a poker game.

Up Card

A card dealt face up for everyone to see.



Online casino fees that the websites charge players.

VIP Player

A high-value player for casinos which are usually ones that play regularly or play with high stakes.

VIP Program

A reward program exclusively availalbe to VIP players.


Short for Video Lottery Terminal.



A term used to describe a bet or a gamble on the outcome of an uncertain event.

Wagering Requirements

The requirements set by the house players must meet in order to place their bet.


The act of dealers rubbing their hands together to show participants their hands are empty.

Web Wallet

A term used to describe a digital wallet that holds a gambler's funds.

Welcome Bonus

A special offer from the casino wherein players are rewarded a specific bonus (can be any type of bonus) when they first enter the online casino.


A generally bad player in a poker game with a really large bankroll or balance.

White Meat

Slang term used to describe the pure gambling profit of a casino or a player.

Wild Card

A card in the deck (usually the joker) that can be used to represent any card to help build the strongest possible hand.

Wild Symbols

Symbols in slot machines that can replace traditional symbols to create a winning combination.


The act of taking out money from your online casino account.

Wired Cards

A situation in poker where a pair, trips, or a four of a kind are dealt back-to-back.

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