Environment and Sustainability

Irishluck is committed and dedicated to protecting the planet and making use of the resources wisely. Being environmentally conscious is not just something we have to cross from our list, but it's a big part of who we are as a company. Our goal is to make our day-to-day operations as environmentally friendly as possible. Learn more about our Environment and Sustainability policy below.

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The Environmental Challenges the Gambling Industry Faces

Even though websites are digital and not tangible, they still produce a carbon footprint. It might not be common knowledge, but the online casino industry has an effect on our environment. Here are some of the challenges the industry faces:

Energy Consumption

Data centres produce significant energy, which in turn contributes to carbon emissions. These servers and data centres sometimes require 24/7 electricity functions, cooling systems to keep temperatures down, and infrastructure expansion as the online gambling industry grows. To address energy consumption in the online gambling industry, implementing energy-efficient technologies is important. Such measures include cloud computing and data center consolidation. Larger companies are turning their data centres into self-functioning power plants by directly generating electricity on-site, and others are developing battery technology to lessen their dependency on fossil fuels.

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is another challenge the online casino industry faces. Technology is always advancing, so old and obsolete equipment turnover is high. To prevent electronic waste, companies must dispose of these materials properly to prevent environmental contamination. Environmentally friendly practices include take-back programs and collaboration with certified recyclers. Also, when purchasing new equipment, a good practice is to ensure they are purchased from a producer that follows environmentally friendly practices.

Digital Transactions

You might not think that an activity done online impacts the environment, but it does. Server operations, payment transactions, software development, use engagement and other activities all impact our environment. Measures to streamline the resources used are critical to our environment.

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Software Development Practices

Practices for software development practices such as coding, testing, debugging and deploying updates require computing resources, and these resources consume energy. All of these relate to the issues mentioned above, such as data centers and electronic waste. To prevent a negative impact on the environment, a more streamlined and concise approach needs to be taken.

User Engagement

Playing games, contacting customer support, processing payments, and updating pages generate traffic and server activity. Playing games requires processing powers and data emissions, which both consume energy. Speaking with the customer service team involves server activity to facilitate communication. Participating in promotions or programs entails accessing web pages and loading graphics which can't function without computing resources. That is why implementing environmentally friendly practices, discussed below, is crucial.

💡 Did you know that 2% of the global carbon emissions comes from the electricity generated by using the internet?

Our Environmental Cause

We stick to our words. Irishluck has obtained a C02 Badge and great environmental ratings.

CO2 Badge

Irishluck has a CO2 Badge. Therefore, we are a CO2 Neutral Website. What this means is that Irishluck takes taking care of the environment seriously.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We live in a day and age where we can measure the carbon emissions a website produces. You can't fix the situation unless you don't know how much your site is affecting the environment. Luckily, Website Carbon is a free tool that provides data regarding CO2 emissions per pageview. With this tool, online casinos can figure out their rating and implement measures and targets to reduce carbon.

Below, you can see Irishluck's ratings. Over the years, we have implemented several measures to help reduce our carbon emissions and we got an 85% score.

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How Does the Website Carbon Rating Work?

As explained, online casinos do produce a carbon footprint. Thanks to the Website Carbon Rating, companies can check where they stand and apply the necessary changes to make their websites more environmentally friendly and build a more sustainable internet. This platform has a rating system in place where websites are placed:

RatingGrams CO2e Per Pageview

How Irishluck Stays Green and Sustainable

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Optimised Web Hosting

Irishluck uses sustainable web hosting services using renewable energy sources and energy-efficient data centers. We prioriste services that offer load balancing and server visualisation to reduce energy consumption wherever possible.

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Clean and Efficient Code

We developed and maintained a clean and efficient code to minimise the server load. What this does is it ensures the reduction of energy consumption during our day-to-day operations.

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What compression does it makes the file sizes smaller on the server before a user accesses the page and before the data is sent to someone's device. Compression helps because it has an impact on the sizes of the transmitted files and improves page loading times, which in turn, produces less energy.

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When you visit a webpage, your device needs to download various files like images, fonts, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. These files usually stay the same, but your browser might download them again each time you visit the site. By changing caching settings, your browser can keep a copy of these files for a longer time. This means when you go back to the website, your browser doesn't need to download as much, so the page loads quickly, thus reducing the amount of server bandwidth.

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Resource Bundling and Concatenation

When combining JavaScript and CSS files into one bundle, this reduces the number of times your device needs to request information from the server to load a particular webpage. In turn, this cuts down on the amount of work on the server and the network.

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This new feature is a better alternative to the previous HTTP 1.1 method, and it's expected to decrease the time it takes to download a webpage overall.

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Lazy Loading

Downloading the files needed right away when accessing a webpage is a smarter and more efficient way. When a visitor visits a webpage that is long and has a lot of content, the probability of a user scrolling all the way down to see everything is low. This means that all of the content will be downloaded, but not all of it will be viewed. That is why we've implemented a lazy loading script for most images to ensure only the necessary information is downloaded.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs make use of cutting-edge technology to provide an app-like experience to users. What they do is it creates a user-experience that is dependable, speedy, and makes users want to come back. Through tools like service workers for offline capabilities and effective caching methods, PWAs streamline resource consumption, improve user interaction, and support energy conservation.

💡 Fact: The average website produces 6.8 grams of CO2 per pageview.

Advanced Carbon Footprint on Irishluck's Popular Pages

Our tech team did a deep dive into the carbon footprint of Irishluck's pages, and these are the results for our top 10 pages:

PageCarbon Footprint
Irish Online Casinos page13485.364
New Online Casinos7584.699
Crypto Casinos4684.169
Slotbox Casino Review4335.99
MMA Betting3386.459
Low Deposit Casinos4014.323
Best Online Slots2804.825
Eye of Horus Megaways2178.087
Online Casino Bonuses2278.349
Revolut Casinos1591.532

The Methodology Used

To calculate the carbon footprint of these 10 pages, the team applied the following methodology:

  1. Model selection: The Sustainable Web Design (SWD) Model is the model of choice. This model includes the use-phase energy of data centres, network data transfers, energy consumption and how much energy is used to create these components.

  2. Data collection: The total data transfer amount was calculated for each page. This includes all the bytes sent during the page load, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images.

  3. Energy usage calculation: With this data in hand, we then estimated the energy usage for each of the 10 pages.

  4. Carbon emission conversion: The energy emissions are then converted to carbon emissions. The sources used to help convert the energy emissions include the Ember Annual Global Electricity Review and IPPC 5th Assessment Report.

  5. The final calculation: We gathered the carbon emissions for each of the 10 pages to determine the total carbon footprint for these pages on Irishluck.

Irishluck's Green Goals

We are always looking to the future and figuring out ways to improve. Even though 85% isn't a bad score at all, we believe we can always do better. That is why we set ourselves targets and goals for this year:

  1. Keep reducing energy consumption: This is a no-brainer and it is our primary goal.

  2. Decrease digital waste: While we have systems in place to reduce e-waste, our team is always on the hunt for better practices. This is a continuous task at our offices.

  3. Encourage user engagement: We want to educate our readers on what we are doing to help planet Earth. On this page, we didn't just talk about what Irishluck is doing. We explained how even online casinos have an impact on our environment. By educating and raising awareness, we believe that it will leave a positive impact.

  4. Monitoring and reporting: There are new developments happening daily. Our team dedicates 6 hours of weekly research to new practices and information that may become available. Then an internal discussion is held on how we can implement them and make Irishluck a more green online environment.

Got Questions?

Or feedback on how to make Irishluck more sustainable? Visit our Contact Us page and drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

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