Rating Guidelines

At Irishluck, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our reviews are of the highest possible quality. While being accurate and reliable, our reviews are focused on online casino players. On this page, we take a look at how we create our online casino reviews, our listings, and ratings, and showcase everything we take into consideration before publishing

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Why Are Rating Guidelines Important?

Rating guidelines help to provide a structure when evaluating online casinos using specific criteria. This way, we can ensure that all our ratings are transparent, consistent, and accurate. Irish casino players can rest assured that the ratings on our reviewed casinos provide them with reliable and objective information.

How We Rate and Review the Best Online Casinos in Ireland

First and foremost, we thoroughly investigate the online casinos in Ireland we work with before classifying them into easy-to-navigate categories on our website. This way, we can ensure that our reviews tick all the boxes and meet the strict compliance and review criteria we demand from our players. 

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This guarantees maximum value for the reader. Every casino on Irishluck is filtered through a bulletproof testing facility. We check everything. 

How We Create Statistically Accurate Rating

Irishluck has developed a process to ensure that any content published on our site is one hundred per cent accurate. Below, we will break down our processes and give more details on how we research, compile, and publish our findings.

We Employ Experts

At Irishluck, we believe in the importance of firsthand experience. That's why our team members have years of first-hand experience at Irish online casinos and sportsbooks. This ensures that our team comprehensively understands industry standards, emerging trends, and the technical aspects of gaming platforms. You can find more information about each member on our Meet the Team page. As you can see, each member has their expertise areas, and we collectively work together for our readers.

We Gather Data

Data collection is a big part of our daily tasks at Irishluck. This section delves into the various aspects we scrutinize when assessing new casinos or sportsbooks. If your site features hybrid verticals, we distinctly outline the evaluation criteria for online casinos and sportsbooks.

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Licensing and Security

We only list online casinos and sportsbooks that have licencing status from reputable licencing providers such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and Curacao eGaming, amongst others. Should we come across a gaming platform that doesn't have a licence, the licence badge doesn't show in the footer or it's licenced by non-reputable body, then Irishluck doesn't list it.

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Game and Betting Variety

Games are the bread and butter of online casinos. For Irishluck, the number of games, variety and quality provided by top software providers is of the utmost importance. This is a factor we look into when assessing an operator and doing our content research. We ensure the casinos we list have a great selection of games from these providers, ensuring the best player experience possible. Our reviews have a dedicated section in their game content; each operator's game type is examined, and our expert opinion is given.

By ensuring that the software comes from reputable companies, we know the games will be reliable and free from technical issues. IrishLuck focuses on industry-leading software providers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Red Tiger Gaming. We always mention the top software providers a casino has in our content, and Irishluck also has dedicated software provider pages with more information.

The same applies to sports betting sites. We assess the different betting markets a site has, as well as the offers available and the overall betting variety.

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User Experience

Easy navigation and smooth operation are at the forefront of a great casino experience. Irishluck makes sure that the web interface upholds these accessibility factors. The site has to be fast-loading, and pleasing to the eye, and we appreciate it if categories are present, especially in the games section.

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Bonuses and Promotions

Every casino on IrishLuck has an exciting focal point - bonuses and promotions for online casino players. We pay close attention to other offers like birthday bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and cashback. We don't only look at the variety of bonuses available, but we also look at their fairness. Our data collection involves reading the T&Cs of each bonus and paying close attention to the wagering requirements and deadlines.

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Payment Methods and Withdrawal Speed

With real money casinos, it’s even more important to ensure that the casinos we present on Irishluck have a good selection of payment options. We’ve taken the time to review different payment methods, along with the pros and cons of playing at an online casino in Ireland, and we offer our honest opinions in our content.

We make sure that all popular and reliable payment methods are available, including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and more.  We review the depositing and withdrawal process to make sure that the process is straightforward, non-complicated, and, most importantly, secure. Once the fun is over, our winnings are paid out to oversee the payout times, process requests, and ensure a smooth and straightforward procedure.

It is not only the casino website that must be secure. A player's payment method details must be protected for a platform to be solid and dependable. We look for personal data encryption and ensure that no irrelevant details are requested and that player funds are separate from the general operations of the casino.  

Any casino worth its salt will display the RTP (return to player) on its site. IrishLuck checks that the average RTP is on the higher end and that of individual games available in the casino to ensure a decent payout percentage. 

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Fairness and Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is paramount, and we always highlight its importance in our content. When doing our checks, we always look if an operator abides by responsible gambling practices. If it doesn't, then it will not be added to our lists.

A great online casino will list information on ways to promote responsible gambling, prevent problematic gambling and have strict rules against this. This could include temporary blocking of depositing, limits on deposits and a good selection of other preventative measures designed to keep the player safe. Where necessary, they should provide links to charities and helplines that help with problem gambling and addiction. Our content always highlights the importance of responsible gambling on all pages across the site.

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Reputation and Fame

This is a new addition to our data collection process. Here, we employ advanced crawling technologies to gather existing user reviews from across the web. These reviews are then analyzed using AI and rating methodologies to determine the overall feel of a particular online casino and/or sports betting site. By collecting user feedback data, even from our readers, we aim to provide our readers with valuable insights into the reputation and fame of various online casinos, helping them make informed decisions about where to play.

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Mystery Players

Irishluck has around 50+ anonymous players. Our 'Mystery Players' work for us part-time, and their job is to play at online casinos for a set number of hours and give us detailed reports. These players have different expectations, so their reports give us a variety of opinions about each casino. This helps us provide a thorough look at what each casino is like for our readers.

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Customer Support

We also look at a brand's customer care. Great customer service will catapult online casinos into Irishluck's good books. When reviewing an online casino, we will ensure that their customer is the number one focus and that they offer an array of different methods of support. That may be a toll-free helpline, a 24/7 live chat service, or a contact us form.

Having different ways for customers to reach out to casinos will work in their favour with IrishLuck. Once they’re in touch, we make sure that casinos offer quick, high-quality, and informative support no matter the hour. We test all options vigorously, submitting different requests to ensure agents are equipped to deal with player requests.

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Mobile Usability

For those casino players who prefer to download casinos when playing, Irishluck keeps a look out for the mobile casino playing experience to be up to par with the desktop counterpart. We test the casino's site on both iOS and Android and we also check if the operator has it's own native app.

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Safety Measures

Casino websites with an SSL encryption certificate guarantee that data exchanges don't risk players' data being stolen and that the website is safe. In our content, we have a dedicated section where we mention the safety measures this casino has in place.

Irishluck ensures that online casinos comply with fair play regulations, like Cash Check and Player Check. Most of the best online casinos will be independently rated by legitimate organisations like eCOGRA, which boosts casino safety as they have no ties to any authorities. If the casino cannot indicate these types of organisations, we try out games and read players' reviews to ensure fairness when providing reviews. All games listed on the online casino should have their RTP percentages clearly and publicly available on their site. Usually, we’ll find these in terms and conditions, and we always add them to our content and do fact-checking before publishing.

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The Signup Process

When compiling data, we also look at the signup process. Our team creates an account and takes into consideration how long the process took. We expect the signup process to be swift and not complicated.

We Analyse Data

After gathering the required data, the next step is to analyse it. We do this by following the below methodologies:

Wilson Score Interval

The Wilson Score Interval is a method based on maths where the range of possibilities is figured out for a particular situation. For Irishluck's content, we apply this method by not just looking at good or bad reviews, but we also take into consideration how many reviews there are to give us a more reliable outcome. This method gives a more accurate estimate of the true percentage, especially when you don't have a lot of data to work with or when the percentage is very high or very low. The Wilson Score Interval helps be sure that a casino with a high rating is truly liked by players, even if it doesn't have thousands of reviews.

Bayesian Averages

In simple words, Bayesian Averages help us find the average of something by not just looking at the average itself but also at how many people gave ratings or reviews. Instead of treating all ratings the same, Bayesian averages give more importance to items with more ratings. This ensures that sites with a small number of reviews are not penalised. It's especially handy for new casinos or sportsbooks that don't have many player reviews yet. This method helps make ratings more steady, giving a better idea of how good a site is right from the start.

Item Response Theory

The IRT is a way of understanding how good players are at winning or losing in games, considering how easy or hard the games are. The IRT involves some fancy math, but it helps us understand if the games are truly fair and can even change and adjust the ratings based on the gaming experience's good or bad.

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Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis helps us group similar casinos or sportsbooks together, making it simpler for users to find platforms that match their preferences. This method uncovers hidden patterns and similarities, improving our personalised recommendations. It's the way we organise our listings based on different casino features.

Predictive Modeling

As its name suggests, this model predicts future outcomes using past information. When it comes to gathering and analysing data for Irishluck, we use this method to figure out how happy customers will be or which new online casino will be a top hit. This helps us improve our ratings by knowing how the quality of the user experience might change over time. Our database has 2,000+ brands, and understanding their historical data helps us make more detailed predictions.

What do we look for when using this method?

  1. Forecasting Trends: We are always on the lookout for new and upcoming trends and we aim to be the first or one of the first to find these trends. Irishluck looks at particular patterns, such as when playing particular games, to anticipate demand, and this also helps operators adjust their offers.

  2. Customer Categorisation: By looking at patterns, we can segment customers into different categories based on their preferences, location and behaviour. This enables us to tailor our recommendations. For instance, if we find that players from Dublin prefer bingo casinos and players from Galway are more into sports, we can tailor our recommendations to them.

  3. Risk Management: Here, we can manage the risk exposure depending on the risk associated with different outcomes.

The Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall Problem boils down to choice. It is based on the concept of probability and making decisions based on the information given. In the realm of online casinos, players are often faced with choices that involve risk assessment and probability. In blackjack games, players must decide whether they will stick with other original bets or adjust their strategy depending on the cards they were dealt. In a nutshell, when a player has a deep knowledge of the probability of the game, their decisions can influence their chance of success.

How does this apply to us analysing data? When we are faced with making decisions about the probability of an online casino becoming popular or the probability of winning a game, we apply reasoning and decision-making to uncover common patterns and make informed recommendations on recommending online casinos to Irish players.

We Give Scores

We understand that our data collection and analysis may sound complicated. Irishluck developed a rating score system to make all of this more understandable. After we apply all of our processes, we then simplify everything by giving each casino or sportsbook a rating score. This makes it more simple for users to understand how good a casino is. The table below illustrates what are ratings are and what do they mean:

4.8 to 5These are some of the best Irish casinos we have tested. We can recommend them without hesitation.
4.5 to 4.7These casinos are excellent. While they might have room for improvement, we still recommend them.
4.0 to 4.4We think that there are great casinos available online. However, there are others which are better.
3.5 to 3.9These online casinos and what they offer are average.
3.4 and belowWe don't recommend this casino with this rating.

Irishluck's Transparency Policy

At IrishLuck, being honest and unbiased is at the core of who we are. Our transparency policy ensures that you know exactly how we rate things and why, which is explained on this page. We're upfront about any conflicts of interest or biases affecting our evaluations. Plus, we regularly review and update our policy to align with industry standards. Being transparent helps us build trust with you, our users, and everyone else we work with. If you're interested in learning more about our content creation process and how we stay transparent and unbiased, check out our editorial principles page.

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The numbers speak for themselves. Irishluck employs several experts; we gather data daily, use statistical methods to analyse this data, and then make our findings understandable for our readers. This is a lengthy process, but we believe it gives our readers the most accurate information and the feedback we receive backs this up. Irishluck has been Ireland's number one source for online casinos and sportsbooks since its creation. Read our Trust page to learn more about who we are and how we establish trust.

How To Get Listed on Irishluck

Looking for more players to visit your site? If you are a casino but haven't seen your brand in our review pages and want to list your casino with IrishLuck - reach out to us using the contact us page, or visit the list your casino page to find out more. We're always looking to make rewarding partnerships!

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Got A Question?

We have the answer! If you want further clarifications on our Rating Guidelines that we presented on this page, or would like to give us feedback or have any concerns you'd want addressed, drop us an email at editorial@irishluck.ie, and we will get back to you between 24-48 hours. That is an Irishluck guarantee.

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