Know Your Customer - KYC Checks for Online Casino Players

By legal requirements and current legislation, KYC or Know Your Customer is the practice of organisations to check the identification of their clients from Ireland and other parts of the world. The widespread use of new technologies requires specific standards to prevent online fraud. 

It is why the KYC method is a legal and worldwide requirement for any company wishing to include a user as a customer. Although KYC practices have been a reality for many years, major corporations already have KYC partners working to improve their processes and minimise acquisition costs.

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What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) practice is exceptionally relevant for user and customer relationships with businesses. It's the first step in a relationship with a business customer. KYC is used to verify online casinos Ireland and beyond, alongside many other companies' customers' identities and finance information.

Know Your Customer, or KYC, is one of the critical challenges faced by companies and institutions in every area because of Its importance in customer onboarding, its relationships to identity fraud and AML controls, and its regulatory standards.

Why Do Online Casinos Use KYC?

Online gambling companies are legally required to monitor all gamers who are their customers nationwide. Certain details like identification, age, location, and funding source are to be checked to safeguard customers from malpractice and fraud. One of the main reasons is that all Irish players should avoid money laundering and terrorist financing. 

The platform can launder money and assimilate cash for harmful organizations if players and competitors do not achieve the correct KYC. A standard casino must comply with several regulations to prevent such abuses. Unlike blacklisted casinos,  trustworthy firms will prioritise trust to provide users with fair play and a secure environment, users must also trust in properly handling and safeguarding the information they gather.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is in charge of providing licenses to UK gaming sites. These operators are legally obligated to provide fair, open, and non-crime gaming – including online casinos in Ireland and bet sites. This is partly done by checking internet casinos' identities and bank accounts. If the casino does not comply with these rules, it is liable to be used for criminal activity, which might lead to a loss of license. 

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Casinos are subject to the Proceeds of Crime Act and money laundering regulations. By doing a KYC check, a casino may confirm that an Irish player's fund has been legally acquired and identification is authentic. It also allows casinos to rule out players from Ireland who are not old enough to play lawfully. 

However, the KYC practice also safeguards Irish players’ interests by ensuring that they do not make fraudulent use of your personal and financial information, not only on the wagering sites. KYC also guarantees the integrity of casinos, which promotes a fair and honest wagering environment.

How Do I Complete the KYC Process?

All licensed operators must check a customer's age, name, and address swiftly and robustly. The process you have to follow to complete the KYC system is as follows:

  • You can use your passport or driver's license to prove your identity and age. Usually, operators will require a utility bill or a bank statement regarding the proof of address. You must have received evidence of speech within the past three months.

  • You may also check online casinos to validate your identification. That is not an issue because soft inspections may only be used for identification and do not leave a trail or impact the credit value of the individuals.

  • Even though these checks can be used frequently to examine players' accounts, further information is required. However, this may be at the discretion of the casino. It's just the casino that does the proper diligence – your details on the databases you are seeking may differ from those with whom you enrolled.

  • Some online casinos may also need extra financial verification papers. When financial information is requested, you will generally have to verify your payment method or give evidence of earnings to show that your funds have been lawfully acquired and use the suitable mode of payment.

The documents that you may use for extra financial verification include:

  • Bank statement

  • Payslip

  • Scan/photo of bank card or other payment methods (e.g. E-wallet)

  • Trust deed

  • Dividends

  • Savings account

  • Pension

  • Director’s remuneration

Other criteria may differ between casinos. In addition, the papers you supply will only be approved if they are readable and of acceptable quality. So make sure the pictures are clear and the entire document is displayed in the scanned image frame when scanned or photographed in your papers.

How To Speed Up The KYC Process

Speeding up the KYC process can enhance the overall customer experience and expedite the onboarding of new players. Here are some strategies to make the KYC process more efficient:

  • Implement automated verification systems that can instantly cross-check customer-provided information with trusted databases.

  • Enable customers to complete KYC requirements via mobile apps. Mobile verification methods, such as facial recognition or photo document submission, are convenient and quick.

  • Simplify the KYC forms by requesting only essential information and making the process as user-friendly as possible.

  • Provide clear and concise instructions for customers on how to complete the KYC process.

  • Offer real-time customer support through chat or email to assist customers with any questions or issues during the KYC process.

  • Allow customers to access basic features of your platform, such as free play or account setup, while their KYC is pending.

  • Offer various KYC methods, such as SMS verification, email confirmation, or document uploads, giving customers flexibility to choose the method they find most convenient.

What Triggers KYC Checks For Existing Customers?

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks for existing customers in the gambling industry can be triggered by various factors and circumstances. The primary reasons for conducting KYC checks on existing customers include:

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Regulatory Requirements

Changes in local or international gambling regulations may necessitate re-verifying existing customer accounts. Regulatory authorities often update their guidelines, and gambling operators must comply with these changes.

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Customer Account Activity

Unusual or high-value transactions, frequent deposits, withdrawals, or changes in the betting patterns of a customer may trigger KYC checks. Significant changes in behaviour may raise concerns about potential fraud or money laundering.

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Large Winnings or Withdrawals

Casinos and sports betting platforms may perform KYC checks on customers who have won substantial amounts or requested significant withdrawals. This helps ensure that the person claiming the winnings is the legitimate account holder.

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Account Inactivity

Some gambling platforms require customers to go through KYC checks if their accounts have been inactive for a certain period. This is done to verify that the customer still has control over the account and to prevent unauthorised use.

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Updates in Personal Information

If a customer updates their personal information, such as a change of address, name, or contact details, the gambling platform may initiate KYC checks to ensure the accuracy of the updated information.

What Is The Difference Between KYC and AML?

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are critical practices in the gambling business that serve independent but interconnected goals. KYC primarily focuses on identifying and validating the identification of users of gaming platforms. It entails gathering personal information from individuals, such as identification documents and evidence of address, in order to validate their identities and analyse their risk profiles. The major goal of KYC in the gambling industry is to guarantee that people are who they say they are and to keep minors from accessing gambling services, hence fostering a safe and responsible gaming environment.

AML, on the other hand, has a broader reach, comprising procedures and regulations aimed at preventing and detecting money laundering and other financial crimes within the sector. It entails monitoring financial transactions for suspicious activity and reporting them to regulatory authorities. AML safeguards are intended to reduce the possibility of gaming platforms being used as vehicles for money laundering and illicit financial transfers.

💡 While KYC is an important part of AML in the gaming business, AML goes beyond identity verification to focus on detecting and combating financial crimes in order to safeguard the industry's integrity. KYC and AML are essential for providing a safe and compliant gambling environment.

How Will My Information Be Used and Stored?

Online casinos check your documents to confirm their authenticity and match your given personal and financial information. It is saved on your system. It is comprehensible to be concerned about distributing personal information via the Internet in the age of cybersecurity and data protection. 

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However, there should be no concern since the UKGC governs the rigorous privacy regulations that control your personal information in licensed casinos, such as the Data Protection Regulation.  It will only be used internally, and your details can’t be accessed without your agreement in a password-restricted and secure digital system. Only authorised and qualified staff may access your information to protect you.

How Does KYC Affect My Betting?

As a customer, you have to confirm your age before you can:

  • Deposit money into your account

  • Gain access to any free-play games that the casino may provide.

  • Play with your money at the casino or make a free bet or premium.

To play the game, you must also check your name, address, and date of birth. Although this is a tiresome activity for many, remember that these procedures are justified. Players from Ireland may not enjoy playing in somewhat regulated casinos without KYC controls, as it would be much simpler for fraudulent individuals to exploit your data and funds.

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The online gambling world is constantly growing worldwide and increasing every day. Gambling websites have greatly enhanced their user experience and can make it safer by improving member security procedures. Providing various game sites will boost their revenue by facilitating reliable digital identity verification. 

Adopting KYC digital services in banking and other industries has already become a  major success. Today, KYC is essential in combating financial crime and money laundering. The most crucial feature of client identification is the first step towards better performance in the other process phases.

Global Anti-money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism raises massive financial institutions' stakes. In national legislation that includes stringent AML 4 and 5 directives and preventative measures like KYC for customer identification, international rules inspired by standards such as the Financial Action Task Force are being applied today.


Didn't quite understand the jargon used? We've prepared a list of some phrases to help you out:

  • Customer onboarding: the process of new customers using an online casino's service.
  • Identity fraud: a criminal activity where an individual steals and uses someone else's personal or financial information to obtain goods/ services.
  • Money laundering: a way to cover up money received from illegal activities.
  • AML: an abbreviation for anti-money laundering. 
  • AML controls: procedures and processes to limit money laundering and fraudulent activity.
  • Regulatory standards: all laws, rules, regulations, and advice established by Regulatory Authorities in the gambling industry.
  • Funding source: where a player originally got the money to deposit at an online casino. 
  • Malpractice: improper, negligent or illegal behaviour.
  • Proceeds of Crime Act: an act which authorises the high court to dispose of property or assets (including money) acquired in illegal ways.

Know Your Customer FAQs

Is KYC required for all gambling sites in Ireland?

KYC is compulsory for regulated casino enterprises and others like banks, lenders, and transfers. If you fail to abide by KYC rules, your organization might be subject to hefty fines or further sanctions.

Do all Ireland online casinos carry out KYC checks?

Yes. All casinos that have been licensed to operate in Ireland by the UK Gambling Commission have to do due diligence on client verification. The UK Gambling Commission Website lets you quickly check if a betting site is licensed or not.

What if I don't have the documentation needed?

Contact the betting website and ask if there is alternative paperwork that you can provide. If you require verification of your residence or financial position, ask your bank if it can send you a declaration. If a legitimate passport or driver's license is not present, check to see whether your casino would accept a birth certificate or any other identification. Otherwise, you will have to order one and wait till it arrives.

What more can I find out about KYC?

By visiting the website and contacting the customer care staff at your selected online casino, you will obtain further information.

If my information changes, should I notify my online casino?

It is advisable to update your account at your online casino to avoid any future difficulties if your personal information is changed. To guarantee that data on the identity of their customers is correct, casinos must already take reasonable efforts to determine if your data are still accurate from time to time.

What's KYC's advantage?

Compliance with KYC is needed worldwide by law. KYC compliance helps prevent fraud and other crimes by blocking flagged persons and further shutting the pathways for criminals to launder money. KYC compliance helps to preserve your reputation and ensure your rivals’ and customers' worldwide trust as a gambling organization.

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