How Do Online Casinos Loyalty Programs Work?

These days, almost every Irish online casino site has a loyalty program. They are a proven method that keeps loyal players around. Land-based and online casinos offer loyalty or VIP programs with various perks and benefits to players, like bonuses and extra spins. If you are going to gamble online or offline, it is worth it to be part of the program, as there is no downside to accumulating points as you play casino games. If you forget to sign up for the program when it is optional, you might lose out on the opportunity to collect rewards. 

This guide will explore what casino loyalty programs are, how they work, which perks they offer to users on casino sites, and how they work to your advantage. Keep on reading to learn more.

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Quick Answer 

  • Casino loyalty programs are reward programs that offer incentives to players to ensure their loyalty. 

  • You collect points to climb the tiers of the program. The higher your level, the better your rewards will be. 

  • Rewards include free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback, faster withdrawals, no deposit bonuses, no withdrawal or deposit fees, and such.

  • VIP programs are only open to specific high rollers, while loyalty programs are for everyone.

What is a Casino Loyalty Program?

In casino loyalty programs, you earn incentives and real money. It is a reward system that benefits everyone. The program allows people to collect special points to boost their gaming levels. Once they have collected a certain number of points, they can exchange them for rewards. Casinos have started implementing rewards programs as a way of making sure that they can retain the punters they have drawn in. The programs give people an incentive to remain loyal.  Loyalty programs vary from site to site, but the general way they work is similar. 

How Do Online Casino Loyalty Programs Work?

Many casino sites offer a variety of casino loyalty programs. But do they make your casino experience better in any way? Casino loyalty programs are a reward system for returning customers. In a point-based system, you collect loyalty points when you play games on the site. The more points you collect in the loyalty scheme, the more likely you will climb the loyalty ladder and increase your chances of getting gifts and prizes. The highest tier offers the best loyalty rewards and bonuses in reward systems. 

You are rewarded in different ways. You can win anything from freebies, extra loyalty and casino bonuses to hard cash. It simply depends on the various tiers and their offers. Some schemes are fully automated, while others require active participation. In the best reward programs, you are rewarded with points every time you place a bet. In others, you have to partake in events hosted by the casino to improve your status in the program and increase the value of your rewards. The former is a more desirable loyalty program because it can be used by people of all income levels - not just those with a heavy bankroll. Sometimes, casino reward points offer you cashback options. For example, you may exchange 100 loyalty points for €1.

Activities that points are awarded for include:

  1. Activity in online slots. 

  2. Meeting minimum wagering requirements. 

  3. The amount of money spent on bets on a game.

  4. The number of tournaments or events won.

  5. The total cash flow from a user.

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Basic types of rewards given by casinos include:

  1. Free cash.

  2. Deposit bonuses.

  3. Cashback. 

  4. Faster withdrawals. 

  5. No deposit bonuses. 

  6. No deposit or withdrawal fees for various payment methods.

  7. No withdrawal limits.

There are other benefits that joining rewards programs offers. These will be discussed a little further below.

How Do Casino Loyalty Points Work?

Racking up points is usually based on your bets. How much you wager at a casino will determine the number of points you collect. It is important to read up on reviews before signing up for a program to see other people's feedback. Reviews also give you an idea of which games contribute towards the wagering requirements, as some casinos restrict some casino games, like slots. This information is important if you want to make the most of your gaming experience. 

The points are usually calculated on a ratio basis, and one of the most popular ratios is awarding 1 online casino loyalty point for every €1 wagered. So if you wager €100, you get a hundred points. This is a pretty good ratio, so keep this a standard when you are signing up to play at an online casino. In addition, the rule is that you have to collect a certain number of points before you can start exchanging your points for articles like cash, bonus money, or rewards.

Crypto Casino Loyalty Programs 

These programs are extremely similar to regular money casinos as they are in crypto casinos. You have to be regular and use the site on a frequent basis to be part of a rewards program. The programs are designed to augment the gaming experience, award high rollers, and create incentives for members.

The best BTC programs will reward you every chance they get, for each wager you make, the missions you partake in, or if you win a competition. In some cases, you are offered cashback schemes, and you can exchange points for money. Some websites automatically put you in the program, while others require you to sign-up. You might even get a sign-up bonus for doing so. 

image of a crypto slot mashine with bitcoins

Benefits of Loyalty Bonuses 

You might be thinking you get other types of casino bonuses while playing games anyway, so what's the point? The thing is, loyalty bonuses are different from bonuses linked to specific games. They are more beneficial because their withdrawals are much easier as they don't come with a long list of conditions attached. They are a lot more flexible. Some casinos even allow them to be unconditionally withdrawn once they have been converted into real money in the player's account. 

Differences Between VIP Club and Loyalty Programs

Some casinos call their loyalty-based schemes VIP clubs. Others offer an exclusive, invite-only VIP club to high rollers who are only eligible once they have reached a certain level in their gameplay. What sets them apart is that the loyalty program is accessible to everyone, and the perks you enjoy are dependent on your points. The rule of thumb in a VIP program is that you get VIP treatment in the sense that you get exclusive perks that are only available to you and a handful of gamblers who have reached the same level as you.

Are Rewards Programs the Same?

Yes, they are pretty much the same, with a distinction being drawn between the variety of rewards on offer for VIP programs and regular loyalty programs. So, a rewards program for VIPs is very different as it may offer lots more loyalty bonuses, some exclusive gifts like trips abroad, discounts at hotels, and even sports tickets in some cases. On the other hand, the rewards for loyalty programs are pretty regular, like freebies, extra spins, and the like.

Other Benefits of Rewards Programs

These are some other examples of how a casino may reward you when you are part of a rewards program.

customer support

Customer Service Responds More Quickly

As a high-ranking member of the loyalty program or someone with VIP status, you are likely to get customer service that is a cut above the rest. If you are facing technical issues and require assistance from the support team, or if you are facing some confusion regarding an upcoming event, you can shoot a message in the chat or on email and expect a quick reply from the casino site's customer department because their goal is to keep you happy and satisfied.

Best bonuses

Bonus for Birthdays and Other Days

If it's your birthday and you are a member of the loyalty program, you can expect to receive a few birthday gifts in your email, like free spins, eased withdrawal limits, or a birthday bonus. The same goes for other days of the year, like the day you joined the casino site.

long shots

Shop at the Loyalty Program Store

Some of the fancier sites give you the opportunity to use your loyalty reward points to buy extra online casino services. For example, you can purchase a few extra spins on your favourite game in the casino or exchange your loyalty points for luxury products like a smartphone or gaming consoles. On the other hand, if you don't like limited options, you can exchange points for cash.

betting tip

Exceptional Services

If you are a high-ranking member of the loyalty program or a part of the VIP club, you might be offered specific, high-ranking benefits, services, and games that are only available to a few people. If you are a high roller, you might get more loyalty bonuses and have first ticket entry for exclusive events and competitions. Some online casinos often host events or tournaments that are only open for their site's highest spenders - and you can expect the rewards for these competitions to be huge. High payouts for high spenders. You could also be provided access to their unique jackpot slots for a change, 

Casino Bonuses and Offers

Extra Rewards

In land-based casinos, you might be given drinks on the house if you are a loyal spender. Since this can't be given in an online casino, you might get rewards with no strings attached from your casino site. You could be given coupons at certain restaurants or bars for being such a devoted customer. 

cashback bonus

Personal Account Manager and other services

Sometimes, a casino may give you a specialised account manager. This isn't as accessible as other bonuses, but if you are a VIP member or a high roller, you might be assigned an employee who manages your accounts and addresses all other technicalities.

How to Choose an Online Casino Loyalty Program

You must keep the following in mind when choosing an online casino program:

  1. The casino should be licensed by a gaming authority. 

  2. Offer loyalty programs without extra loopholes. 

  3. Check the exchange options available to you. 

  4. The casino should offer to exchange points for credits in slots and other games.

What is the benefit of being in casino loyalty schemes?

As a rewards member at any casino, you can rack up points to climb the ranks and get better deals. Sometimes, you can save at restaurants, on vacations, or other fun activities, but this is rare for online casinos. Every time customers play games at casinos; they get points they can also use to play for free. Points collected also give customers access to exclusive casino promotions, where you can win bigger things like cash or cars. These are all incentives put in place by the casino to keep the user around.

How can I claim my benefits? 

You need to keep your rewards card on hand at all times. Make sure it's in your wallet so that you present it to the waiter when you pay the bill or at the bar offering a discount. Reward programs often offer excellent discounts for fun and entertainment activities.

How can I sign up for the casino loyalty program?

You need to be a regular member at the casino site, playing, depositing, and wagering regularly. If you meet these requirements, you either have to opt-in yourself, or you will be automatically placed in the loyalty program. Online casinos might offer bonuses like free spins on extra deposits, no-deposit bonuses, low-wager bonuses, or even some merchandise. Sometimes, the reward could also come without a cost or without you needing to rack up a certain number of loyalty points.

What is the difference between casino loyalty programs and coupons?

Casino loyalty schemes only work if you are a recurring customer at the same casino. If you frequent different online casino sites, such as using one for blackjack, one for poker, and one for slots instead of the same one, you will never earn enough loyalty points to climb the different levels of the VIP program. Coupons, on the other hand, can be claimed in most casinos. They offer you various bonuses and spins in return for a small deposit to indulge in gameplay. If you want to be a floater and experiment with different gambling sites, collecting coupons and earning rewards might be a good idea.

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