Do Online Casinos Track Your IP Address?

Players love playing at online casinos in Ireland because of the convenience. You don't have to worry about the hassle of dressing up, getting out of the house on time, and getting a ride. You can easily access the site on your phone or desktop - at any time during the day. You can dress down, wear your comfiest pyjamas, order some Chinese takeout and play the night away without worrying about alcohol consumption and making it home safe. 

Online casinos have several benefits over land-based casinos while offering the same thrill, adventure, and fun in the comfort of your home. However, online casino companies have some restrictions that have been put in place for their best interest. These may seem inconvenient to the player but remember that casinos are a business set up to generate revenue. The operator will do everything in their power to avoid fraud and beat out the competition in the market - tracking IP addresses is one of them.

This article will explore IP addresses, what they are, and why they matter to betting sites. 

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Quick Answer

  1. The IP address is your online address. It gives the casino a location they can use to track and monitor you. 

  2. Casinos need to track IP addresses for multiple reasons. They are required by law to track them for audit purposes. They also track IP addresses to make sure players aren't making multiple accounts, send re-targeting ads to people across countries, block people who have requested self-exclusion, and prevent money laundering. 

  3. Casinos also track other information, such as your wins and losses, transaction history, the times you log on to play, and your browser information. 

  4. You can avoid getting tracked by using Crypto-casinos and premium VPNs. 

What is an IP address?

Most websites can track your IP addresses from anywhere in the world. This data is accessible to them because you visited their site. So let's delve into what an IP address is before we explain why betting sites track them. Every device connected to the internet - your phone, iPad, Android, iPhone, desktop, or laptop - has an IP address. IP stands for Internet protocol. It is a set of rules initiated to govern the format in which data is sent over the internet or on a local network. 

It is a unique address that identifies the device on the internet or locates the network. They are the medium between two devices on a network - an identifier - containing location information which makes devices accessible. The internet needs to differentiate between different computers, websites, and routers in some way, and IP addresses enable this differentiation. IP addresses are assigned to devices by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. They are an essential part of how the internet works.

You can easily check your IP address by looking up 'what is my IP address?' on Google or any other browser. It will show up at the top of the page. Your IP address will be monitored whenever you do anything online, and the data regarding your activity will be recorded - whether you visited a site or downloaded something to your computer. This means that your online activity is always being tracked and monitored.

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Why do Casinos Track IP Addresses?

There are several reasons why casinos track IP addresses.

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Regulatory Bodies

Regulators require casinos to track your IP addresses because they want to perform audits. This is the case for all US and UK gambling platforms and even some parts of Europe. Since different states have different laws, this is also a way of checking that you are obeying the system and keeping gambling activities within the family - in other words, your casino is operating in allowed jurisdictions. 

For example, in the UK, the Gambling Commission ensures that operators aren't extending services beyond the borders of the UK - this is just one of the many ways they keep it in the family. If you are based outside of the UK and want to play in a UK-based casino, you might be out of luck.

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Casinos also track IP addresses for their marketing campaigns. If the company has access to IP addresses, it can form marketing campaigns centred around sending targeted ads to its users. Ad targeting is one of the things casinos use to redirect people to their sites from external websites. These are designed to attract people by promising a good experience through spending money. All businesses use ad targeting as a luring method for people who might have only looked up online casinos or spoken about them. Re-targeting ads are one of the most effective marketing methods, and they don't require a lot of funds. 

All land-based, online, and international casinos use ad targeting to get more customers.

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Multiple Accounts

Casinos do not allow people to share accounts with others, like their family and friends. Nor do they allow players to make multiple accounts. IP addresses help casinos maintain this delineation as they can make sure that one IP address only has one account assigned to it. Multiple accounts harm the casino business as they allow people to abuse bonuses.

Tracking IP addresses allows casinos to deal with the problem at hand, as they can shut down any extra accounts associated with one IP address. Unfortunately for players, this means you cannot have two accounts associated with the same casino as roommates, siblings, or spouses, even if you are both playing separately with your own cash. 

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Gambling Addiction

People who have gambling problems need help from external sources to help mitigate their addiction. Sometimes, they contact online casinos to self-exclude or ban them so that they do not relapse by logging onto the site and gambling the night away. This is another reason why casinos track IP addresses. They must ensure they are blocking the right person and not someone else. 

In addition, this also stops the players from just opening another account to place a bet. Sometimes, people may be desperate enough to do so, and online casinos must be hyper-vigilant. Casinos may keep track of both their physical home address and their online address to double-check.

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Preventing Money Laundering

Betting sites need to make sure that their business remains in the legal realm. They want to avoid all kinds of fraudsters and reduce the risk of money laundering. Therefore, companies need to know who is setting up the account.

Other Types of Information a Casino Collects

Here's more information on what kind of data an online casino collects.

Browser Information

The casino collects information on which type of browser their users are using and the version. They might also be able to see which plugins they have on their browsers. 

Wins and Losses

They will also keep track of your account - specifically, the wins and losses you have accrued. The team knows every time you win and lose money at the casino. This information allows them to keep track of how much money they are making from you. If the amount is big, you might be extended a VIP club invitation.

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Transaction History

The casino can also track your banking history. They will most likely do it if you use a credit card or an e-wallet as your main medium for transactions. The transaction history details deposits, withdrawals, payment methods, the amount of money deposited and withdrawn, and the date or time of the transaction. As always, there is a slight risk of linking your card to any software online. Every user should know that anyone can hack and misuse their information at any time. 

Betting Habits 

The casino can always track your betting habits using tracking technology. It's eerie how much they can figure out about a person from simple data, but they do, and they use this data to determine how much they can profit off you in fees or commissions. Higher amounts are of special interest to them.

Times of Playing 

The casino also likes to be in the loop about when you're playing and what. For example, if you like playing slots at 7 pm every day, they most likely have that information. The times you play can help them get an idea of how much money you're making for yourself and how much they can make for themselves in that session. Casinos use all the tools available to them to make sure that they are the ones with all the leverage over casino users.

How to Avoid Being Tracked

Understandably, not everyone is excited about being tracked by casinos. You can get around being tracked by the casino in several ways. 

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Premium VPN Services 

The best way to keep out third parties and other websites is to use a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to do everything you want on the Internet without disclosing your real Internet identity to anyone. With a VPN, your online address - the IP address and location - will be hidden from anyone who wants to track it. Instead, a person with a fake location and data will be shown. 

VPN providers are quite popular among most internet users who use them for personal reasons. However, we would like to point out that we do not advocate using free VPNs, which are quite often shoddy and are used to steal data by cybercriminals. Free VPNs can also download viruses onto your device, rendering them useless. Rather, we suggest using paid-for, premium VPN services that are privacy conscious and will protect your data in the true sense of the word.

Look for Crypto Casinos 

Opt for a fully decentralised crypto-casino site. These allow you to top up your wallet with currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The casino operator cannot track all crypto transactions because blockchain technology will only allow the operator to see your wallet address. The wallet address does not have any private information attached to it. There is no IP address connected to the transactions either. 

How to Choose an Online Casino 

Now that we have answered the question of whether online casinos track the IP addresses of gamblers, our next top priority is guiding you through choosing an effective online casino. As explained, IP addresses are used to track and monitor you. This is why you should be careful about which casino you sign up for and share your private information. You wouldn't want a run-in with fraudulent platforms that use harmful tools to take advantage of you. 

Here's a brief overview of how to choose gambling sites:

  1. Check if the online casino is licensed and regulated: Do not get swept up by the popularity, flashy marketing campaigns, fun casino games, or an attractive website. Check whether the casino is licensed with the regulators of the country. This is the basic requirement of any casino site in the gambling industry. A licence ensures that the online casino meets all guidelines and standards set for online casinos by regulatory bodies. These guidelines make them safe for all customers. 
  2. Make sure the casino is secure: You need to deposit and withdraw real money. Since you will link accounts and make deposits in real-time, ensuring the site is secure is important - it should have an SSL certificate. 
  3. Choose a casino with a good welcome bonus: This will help you start playing games you like without having to spend real money. 
  4. Check customer service: You will likely encounter issues and errors while playing games online. Therefore, you want to join a platform with excellent customer support to help you immediately deal with your concerns.


Are winnings affected by casinos knowing your IP address?

No, they are not. 

How can I hide my IP address for free?

You can hide your IP address for free using a TOR browser or a premium VPN service. We do not recommend using a free VPN service because privacy isn't tight, and you can risk getting hacked.

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